Eczema and babies

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At four months old our little Evaliina broke out in eczema. It was the most horrid thing. Our poor little darling was so uncomfortable, itchy, red and inflamed all day, everyday. I didn't know what to do! I Googled remedies and I tried to follow every regime out there. Also trying every cream available under the sun. To no avail, she kept getting worse from all the products I was using and everybody seemed to have an opinion on what I should do. Like I didn't try already! Everywhere we went strangers approached us and giving us their opinion on what we should be doing and things to avoid. I mean I appreciate that people care but as a first time mum and still trying to handle my anxiety of being out with a newborn it was just so frustrating. People telling us to not use steriod creams and her body will get addicted to it and that it will just subside the eczema and not cure it. Well let me tell you this, it is the only thing that has worked on her and I truly thank the nurses and doctors at Mater Hospital South Brisbane for giving us an amazing treatment plan and yes, it includes using steriod ointments. They have been such life savers and our little Evaliina is the happiest child we know. She has slept in her own room from 5 months onwards without waking up in the middle of the night from the itch and she doesn't wake up to a bed covered in blood from her itching so much she broke her skin.
That is her on the left when she had to be admitted into hospital because of how bad her eczema was. I still get very upset when I look back at all her photos when she had her eczema taking over her body. We were in hospital for almost a week.
Even though her eczema was so severe she was still a happy baby.
So what is ECZEMA?
Eczema also known as atopic dermatitis is a skin rash which is most common in infants and young children. It can also occur in older children and adults however, it tends to improve over time. Eczema is treatable and manageable but there is no cure currently available.
It is not understood why some people develop eczema however, it is common for people with eczema to have or develop other allergies.That does not mean that allergy to any particular substance causes an individual to get eczema. In people with eczema their skin barrier is impaired, moisture evaporates from the skin causing it to dry out easily. This does not mean that people with eczema can improve their skin by drinking more water, or that the skin cannot provide adequate protection from the environment.
Little Evaliina a completely different baby!! Thank you Mater Hospital!
Here’s how to do it:
  1. See a doctor to be sure the rash is due to eczema to be able to treat and manage it properly
  2. Create a management plan with your doctor and information is available in sites such as ASCIA and CYH.
  3. Children who get eczema need special care of their skin all of the time, plus extra treatments when flare ups occur.
  4. Using Emollient/moisturiser regime at least twice a day applying extra if skin feels really dry. Intact skin will usually get less infection. The more you moisturise the better overtime. There is no such thing as OVER MOISTURE!!
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